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"As an avid runner I could not understand why I wasn't shedding the last 10 pounds I had put on after having children. After working with Tia for several months I saw amazing results and learned so much about speeding up my metabolism and which cardio is best for me to burn fat. I have never had a trainer that can give such a hard workout while making it fun. Choosing the right trainer can make all the difference in the world. It can mean the difference between success or failure. With Tia you definitely get success!" - April Svejkovsky

"As a former professional athlete and a current coach I know the importance of smart training. A personal trainer can do as much harm as good in a young athlete if they are not being trained properly. Choosing Tia to train my son and his teammates was a decision that was not taken lightly. After observing her train other young athletes I was assured that she has substantial knowledge specifically in training growing athletes and I have been very impressed with the athletic conditioning workouts she gives." - Yogi Svejkovsky

"I have been attending Tia's Just for Teachers Bootcamp for over 2 years now. I can honestly say her class is the BEST and most well rounded exercise class I have ever attended. I truly look forward to her classes each week and always feel amazing after it's done. Tia has a way of pushing you to your limit while still making the class fun and non-intimidating! I do, and will continue to recommend Tia's bootcamp to anyone and everyone!" - Carlie Painter, Manoah Steves Elementary

"I have been attending Tia's fitness class for over two years and I highly recommend it to everyone! Tia creates a fun and personally challenging environment that meets the needs of all fitness levels. Every class is made up of a different workout that works various muscles every time. Tia always has a positive and enthusiastic attitude and she has a way of making sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I look forward to our class every week and I feel great after each session. If you are looking for something to start getting active or if you are looking to challenge your current fitness level, you have found it! Tia offers something for everyone!" - Carolyn Russo

"Our son Owen has been enjoying his training with Tia for the past three years. His goals were to work on fast feet, cardio and strength training which he has accomplished with Tia. He is very happy with the way he has been educated about fitness and learning about how to push his own abilities further to avoid plateauing. He continues to add training workouts throughout his hockey season to stay on top of his goals, as well as in the off season. Tia has been like a therapist in a way for Owen, she has been able to get him to think long term and push through mental walls that might have stalled him during his hockey season. He always looks forward to his workouts!!! Thank you Tia!" - The Seidel's